13 Things Which Are Dangerous Yet Essential For Kids’ Healthy Growth


Gone are the days when the kids used to return with some injuries in their hands or knees that might have been a result of fall on the ground during a cricket or football match. These were one of those learning activities for kids that used to teach them so many skills at the same time. Every kid who has been brought up in the 1900s, know these things and enjoyed these things a lot.

With time, we have become over-cautious of doing our kids and most of the parents now don’t even let their kids do anything that has slightest of danger in it. The result is that most of the kids now spend most of their time on gadgets rather than roaming on the streets or running on the playground.

As has been said before, for every risk taken down there is another risk that stands in front of that, and the same is the case here. While we have eliminated every danger from our kids’ lives, by minimizing the outdoor kids' activities, we have also increased the risk of the kids not learning a lot of things.

As the kids do not do anything a bit dangerous they do not learn to manage failures and pain. There is every chance of public failure in one’s life, but with this kind of parenting, they do not learn to cope up with failure and work to get it right again.

It leads to the conclusion, that as a parent, you need to allow your child to do some learning activities for kids that has some calculated risk. Supervise them and take some care but allow them to do these things on their own so that they will learn to do some dangerous thing themselves which will not only allow them to learn new things, it will also increase their self-confidence.

Here are some kids' activities that will help them grow more physically and mentally.

1. Play With Fireworks

Allow your kids to play with fireworks under your supervision in the starting and then watch while let them do on their own. The amount of danger involved should depend on the age of your kid so that they do not hurt themselves more.

2. Hammer a Nail

You might think hamming a nail is not a kids' activities still it is one of the skills that every person should master. Although the kids are less coordinated, the only way they can learn is by practicing while using these tools. Most of the parents do not let their kids hammer a nail on their own as they have a fear that the child will smash their fingers. Again, let them hammer a nail as per their age and allow them to handle slight danger to doing something.

3. Stick Your Arm Out a Car Window

The danger of getting smashed into something while your arm is out of the car window is surely overrated. While there are some chances of getting smashed, there are many chances to avoid them. Sticking the arm out of the window will let your child understand the basic principle of aerodynamics. Encourage them to try a different position and see how the air applying pressure on their hand with every new position.

4. Jump Off a Cliff

While there is some risk involved in jumping from a cliff into water, these can be easily avoided if some precaution is taken. Make sure the depth of water is enough for the jump and there is no rock beneath the water and it will become one of the most entertaining learning activities for kids.

5. Cook a Meal

One of the most important things on the list is allowing the kids to cook a meal. While this does not look dangerous, there are several potential risks involved especially the knives and stoves. Allowing them to cook will only help them to learn some basic thing, learning to cook a meal is one of the most important life lessons which will help them later in their life.

6. Climb a Tree

There is nothing more thrilling and exciting for a kid than climbing a tree which makes it one of the favorite kids’ activities. It not only feels great to leave the ground, but it also tests the physical strength. Tree climbing is one of the most liberating activities that a kid can do.

7. Burn Things With a Magnifying Glass

Lighting a fire and burning something is one of the easiest things but if you are doing it magnifying glass, then it is an interesting activity for kids. Continuous focus can burn paper or leaves and it can melt the plastic. This might be their first lesson in knowing the power of concentration.

8. Walk or Ride a Bike to School

Nowadays, parents tend to stop their kids from going to school on their own. The number is decreasing every day as more and more parents are now going to school to drop and pick up their kids. While this may seem perfect parenting, you are depriving them of learning the basic knowledge of rules and danger of the road.

9. Sword Fight With Sticks

There is a minimum to no risk involved in this and on the other hand, this is quite an interesting thing to do. It is okay to prevent your kids from using something sharp at such an age, but sticks are not dangerous and it will help them develop coordination between their mind and body in a better and fun way.

10. Shoot a Slingshot

Today’s child may feel ashamed in using a slingshot, which is a shame for the society itself. Teaching your child to use a slingshot is worth giving your time. While you can buy one from the market, what about teaching your kid to make one for themselves. It will be quiet fun. What do you think?

11. Explore a Construction Site

It’s kind of fun, moving around a construction site and exploring various machines and other things. It surely is something that child should do, using the stairs with no railing and then on the top with no restriction and safety feels thrilling and exciting. I have enjoyed these kids' activity a lot in my childhood.

12. Climb a Rope

This is not only fun, but it is also an exercise and needs a lot of effort. The kid has to be physically strong to do this, and that is the best part. If your kid is not that much involved in physical activities, it will make up for most of them.

13. Make a Fire

Humans have a special relationship with fire and it has helped us for ages. Teach your kids how to handle this dangerous yet beautiful thing. Starting with candles, allow them to make fire and let them understand the danger and possibility it possesses.



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