7 Benefits of Online Learning


During the coronavirus pandemic the world has come to halt. People are losing jobs, the economy is affected and so is the education sector. In these times a ray of hope for parents and kids is online education platforms. The online education platforms make sure that your kid’s education isn’t affected during these hard times and he/she keeps learning.  In this article, we will give you some suggestion on how to use online education platforms to their fullest.

With the advancement in technology, we have numerous online learning platforms available.Byju’s, Unacademy and Khan Academy are some of the leading ones. The concepts are explained by experienced teachers through practical learning. Some language learning apps like Duolingo can be used to learn a foreign language. Quizzing sites like Kahoot can be used to create and take online quizzes.

Benefits of online learning platforms

These platforms are great for your kid’s education. Some of the benefits of online learning platforms are-

  • Flexibility - The online classes are available at all times so you can access them anytime from anywhere. Pre recorded classes are very helpful if your child misses any of them. They are also a good way to revise the material.
  • Variety of courses- Online learning system provides a huge variety of available courses. Your kid not only gets to learn academic subjects but additional subjects like coding as well. This helps in overall development and skill enhancement of your child.
  • Minimal cost – Even though most online courses don’t offer less tuition fee but the associated costs are mostly deducted. Commuting costs, study material costs and maintenance costs are reduced because most of all this is included in the package itself.
  • Accesses to expertise – Online education platforms have one of the finest teachers from around the globe. These teachers with years of experience believe in teaching through practical examples. Through their style of teaching, kids learn better and faster. They get into the core concepts of subject and gain practical knowledge.
  • Enhance technical knowledge- Because most of the work is done online, students learn basic soft skills such as writing and attaching documents, navigating though learning systems, sharing audio and video materials from a very early age. This ensures that they are up to date with the advancement in technical field.
  • Learn multiple languages- In today’s competitive world being bilingual isn’t enough. One needs to learn a third language to stand out from the crowd. Language learning apps offer a variety of language courses. Your child can pick any language that he/she likes and learn a new language at the ease of the 
  • Keep a check on kid’s performance- With online learning platforms you can keep a check on your kid’s performance through test results. You can get an overview of your kid’s weaknesses and strengths.

Below we have a list of some platforms that we would like to recommend you.

These were some of the advantages of online learning systems. We hope that you will give these methods a try. If you like our suggestions then let us know. Stay home, Stay safe.

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