A Wolf and Seven Lambs


Once upon a time, there lived a goat along with her seven kids near a forest. She was a loving mother and loved her kids very much. Every day she used to go out to collect food for the kids, and she was going out one day, she told her kids that do not quarrel among themselves and not to open the gate as the wolves have eyes on them so only open the gate when she comes back and then she went out.

The wolf was already waiting at the gate for the goat to depart and as soon as the goat depart, the wolf got to the gate and told the goat, “Hello kids, open the door, I am your mother, I have brought fresh food for you,” but the goats were intelligent and they told the wolf to go away as we know who you are.

The wolf tried to call them again by changing his voice but the kids were intelligent and they peeped through the magic hole in the door and saw the feet of the wolf and told him that they know it is the wolf and not their mother. They told him that the color of the feet was different from their mother and therefore they know it is not their mother but the wolf.

Listening to this, the wolf to a shop and asked the shopkeeper to cover his feet with flour so that its color can be changed into white.

After changing the color of his feet, he again visited the home of the kids and asked them to open the door. The kids again peeped through the magic glass and saw the feet, as the feet were now white in color, they mistook the wolf to be her mother and opened the gate.

When they saw that it was the wolf who was on the door and not her mother, they started to run in a different direction but the mischievous wolf caught them and ate all of them except one. That one kid has hidden in a secret place that the wolf was unable to find.

The goat returned after some time and saw that the door was wide open. She realized that the wolf has come and eaten all her kids. She started crying and thinking about why she left the kids alone.

Suddenly a voice comes, it was the voice of the youngest kid who was hiding in the secret place. She came out and hugged her mother and told her the whole story. They suspected that the wolf was still there and they arranged a scissor.

They went out to search the wolf and found him sleeping in the garden. They cut the stomach of the wolf and took out the kids out of his belly who were still alive.

The goats went back to their house happily and they learned a lesson that never does something that has been instructed by the mother and always use your presence of mind in any adverse situation.



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