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It is normal to face anger in kids. But parents should know how to deal with anger management for children. Kids usually throw tantrums when they don’t get things they want or when things don’t happen the way they want. But understanding the normal amount of anger and extreme angry behaviour in your kids in important. So, lets delve deep into these issues and understand it a bit.

When is aggression and anger in kids normal?

Kids below 4 years of age usually throw tantrums and exhibit anger issues. This includes crying, screaming, stomping, kicking, biting and sometimes even abusing. But if your kids are above 4 years old and still throwing these tantrums then maybe it is time to change your ways and deal with this issue more seriously.

What causes anger in kids?

Anger in kids is usually caused by irritability. This happens when things don’t happen their way or they don’t get what they want. This results in kids throwing tantrums. But in some cases, it is seen that these traits are inherited. If parents have anger management issues then kids have this trait inherited to them as well. In many cases environmental factors, dysfunctional families and toxic parents can contribute to these factors as well.

Anger management for children: Useful Tips

  • Make house rules

Establish some rules for your family. These rules tell what is acceptable and what isn’t when your child is having a tantrum show. Usually these includes abusing, breaking things, hitting and disrespecting elders as disrespectful. Teach your kids that there are healthy ways to vent out anger and they need not resort to these tactics to let out their anger.

  • Teach coping mechanisms

Tell your kids that there are better ways to show anger. For example, if your kid is upset with something, they can talk about it to you. Ask them to cry so that they can let go off that emotional baggage. Tell them to walk away if a situation demands it. Teach them how it is smart to vent out anger but in a positive way. You can also give them squeeze balls to let out their anger.

  • Ask them to channelize anger

Teach them to channelize their anger into something more useful. If your child gets angry then ask him to go for a run. Running will allow to vent out anger emotionally and physically and it will be a very productive way to turn something negative into very positive. Some of the best painters and sportsperson perform best when they are angry and try to release their anger in a positive way.

Is anger in a child bad?

Well, even though anger is a negative emotion, but letting it out is a positive thing. If you keep on allowing this anger to build up inside you and not let it out then it can turn to be harmful in the long run. So, it is better to let out anger but in a positive way. Anger management for children is very important for raising a healthy individual.

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