Are Schools Killing Your ‘Kid’s Creativity’?


Well the answer to this question is a yes and a no. A coin has always two sides. One is good and one is bad. To say that schools are killing kid’s creativity completely would be wrong. We agree that schools have a very bounded syllabus and very little flexibility but to say that they kill your kid’s creativity is a very big and harsh statement. Let’s look at these two sides of coin.

Opinion 1- Yes schools are killing kid’s creativity

To put it simply, schools do kill kid’s creativity. If you judge a fishe’s quality to swim in a long jump competition, then it is certain to fail. We can say the same for kids. Each kid is unique and each kid is different. Some kids are very good at logical reasoning, maths, science while some are really good at languages and arts. Both these qualities in a kid should be appreciated. But unfortunately our education system doesn’t think the same way. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our education system is very strict and still gives more weightage to logical subjects like science and maths. But we would like to add the fact that our education system teaches discipline and hard work very well. This might pressurise your kid now but is very helpful in the long run.

Opinion 2- No schools aren’t killing kid’s creativity

Contrary to what is said above, slowly the thinking is changing. Parents have started to understand their kid’s interest and are supporting their kid’s creativity. Schools are also realising and this is the reason that we now have ICSE/IB Boards which lay equal importance on languages and art subjects. The era of art is approaching. There is a reason that now we have many art schools and art graduates earning handsome salary. We also believe that creative minds can never be caged. They will, always find a way to express themselves. Einstein is the best example for this. Being from the science field he was a very creative person. Sure he also studied the traditional subjects like everyone does but still it never stopped him from becoming a philosopher and a creative person. It was the result of his creative thinking that we have some amazing inventions. So it would be wrong to say that schooling kills a kid’s creativity. Yes, we can agree that it doesn’t give importance to it but we can’t say that it kills your kid’s creativity.

Keeping this in mind we host some competitions on our website related to art and photography. We believe that every child has an artist hidden deep inside and we want to bring that artist out and show it to the world. To encourage your kid’s creativity, you can check out our latest competitions. So this was our view on the topic. We would love to know your views as well. Comment down below.

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