Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Kids


Hello everyone ? i am a new member of this group and mother of 3YO son.i am the new one to enter in this blogging world..i would like to share my parenting tips nd experience of motherhood.

Today i want to discuss about how bed time stories is important for a son is very mischievous and active..daily he wants something new to do and bed time he always want to listen a story of his imagine world like gorilla,monster, jungle stories,animals,birds etc

I never say him 'NO'  i make lots of short stories for him by myself and telling him in his way by making diff.sounds and now i have purchased lots of stories and reading books for him and daily before sleep we together read 3 to 4 books with 5 to 6 pages..i am telling you reading really helps him a lot..stories and books are only things which keep him engaged and i always make sure to buy books which have nice story concept and picture helps in building childs vocabulary and imagination power.#handle a toddler#parenting tips

Mahira Sheth

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