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Are you a mother and want to pick up a new hobby? If yes, then we have an amazing suggestion for you. Ever thought about how to start writing a blog? Blogging is a really interesting hobby with ample space for your overall growth as well. You must have heard that many mothers are picking blogging as a hobby, and why shouldn’t they. It is a really fun way to learn, educate and earn all at the same time. If you are new to this field and wondering how to start writing a blog then read this blog.

What is blogging and how to start writing a blog?

Before understanding how to start writing a blog let us first understand what a blog is. Blogging is an informal discussion about anything and everything on internet. It can be used to educate people, spread awareness about an issue or just simply put forth your opinion or pour your heart out. Blogging has become one of the most liked hobbies because of its versatile nature and the fame that comes with it

Benefits of blogging

Before understanding how to start writing blog let’s take a look at its benefits.

  • Help your grow

Blogging gives you different perspective of same issues. It allows you to get feedback on your views and also expands your fanbase. It shows that you are up to date in your niche and reflects your thought process. Plus, this hobby will also look good and credible on your resume.

  • Helps in developing technological skills

Blogging is an amazing way to enhance your technological skills. From editing pictures to writing code to change the look of your site, you will get a chance to learn deep concepts of creating site and SEO. These technical skills are very useful and can be even put on your resume if you are applying for job. If you are wondering how to write a blog then start thinking about how to up your technology game as well.

  • A great way to show your writing skills

Wondering how to start writing a blog if you are a writer? Blogging is an art just like writing. If your content isn’t good or engaging then your readers can get bored easily. With constant practice you can level up your writing game and earn some love from your readers.

How to start writing a blog for Kidsvault?

Wondering how to start writing a blog for us? To embark your blogging journey, we have an amazing offer for you. Write a blog for our site. This blog can be about tips, experiences or recommendations related to parenting. We know that no one can know the experience of a parent’s journey other than a parent himself/herself. We want you to share this journey with us and get a chance to feature on our site. Blog of the month even gets a chance to win a prize.

So, what are you waiting for? You have got all the information on how to start writing your own blog. Grab your phone or laptop and start writing.

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