Dealing with Teen Peer Pressure


Teen age is a very confusing age. Our kids go through a lot in their teenage years and it is our duty as a parent to help our kids overcome this constantly changing phase of life. In this phase of life your teens don’t understand if they are grownups or kids. And on top of all that they have to experience teen peer pressure. But what is it? To put it simply, teen peer pressure is the peer pressure your kids feel during their teen years. It can be from parents, teachers, friends and anyone for that matter. Sometimes this pressure provokes them to do wrong things or to take drastic steps. To avoid all this teen drama, you need to counsel them and guide them to enjoy these years of life.

teen peer pressure

Who are your peers?

As we said above, peers are usually your friends or people who fall into your age group. These are the people whom you consider your friends or confidant. These people usually understand your issues and match your mental wavelength. Slowly, as you enter teen years these people are the ones whom you depend on. You confide in them, share secrets, take their help and advice and spend most of your time with. Peers play a very major role in how you grow up to be. Because these people play a very prominent role in our kid’s life, they are bound to impact it too and your kid faces teen peer pressure.

How to deal with peer pressure?

  • Talk, Talk and Talk!!!

Tell your teens that you are their parent and a friend as well. They can share anything and everything with you. Even if they commit a mistake don’t shout at them but teach them where they went wrong and how to not repeat this same mistake again. Earning their trust is very important at this age.

  • Teach them to say ‘No’

Sometimes our kids are forced to do things that they don’t want to and are not supposed to do. A simple example is when your teen is pressurised by his peers to shoplift because it looks cool according to teenage standards. We can’t blame the peers because they too learned such behaviour from somewhere. Thus, we should teach our kids to say ‘NO’. This can affect their friendship but it will ensure at the same time that your teen is on the right path.

  • Teach them to look for positive role models.

Teach your kids to look up to positive role models. A lot of negative role models are the ones that teens are attracted to, but they should be taught that they should look up to positive role models. So, the next time when your kids argue why they can’t do something just ask them if they think a positive role model will be doing that same thing.

Is all teen peer pressure bad?

No, all peers aren’t bad. Some friends are really good and will help your kid walk the right path in their life. Also, positive peer pressure will help your kid do the right thing in life. So, to sum it all, teen peer pressure is bad if it has a negative impact on the life of your child and it can sometimes be good too.

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