Don't Rely Only On Books for Your Kids Knowledge


One cannot totally rely on the schools when it comes to complete education. As parents, a lot is left up to you to ensure an all-round education of your kids; schools will definitely provide the kids with textbooks and also explain the things written in the books, but, how much of it is engrossed by the kid? Is the kid lacking in basic etiquettes while scoring well? These questions develop an insight that the kid might be lagging behind in the overall education, because to endure in the real world, more knowledge is required other than just relying on the bookish knowledge.

A keenness to know what is going around the globe is a constructive trait, and should be encouraged as much as likely. Not only will the child come out emerging to be more knowledgeable in any conversation as they grow older, but they will also become extra aware about the opportunities out there, and will be less probable to overlook a good opening that comes along. A massive number of children don't know what's on the cards - what courses are being offered, when a particular entrance exam is held, how should one go concerning to reach a particular destination. This knowledge comes with being in stroke with the world.

Parents play a vital part in providing the complete education to their children, dinner conversations aid a lot in the process, instead of having baseless talks on the dining table, try to discuss current affairs and happenings around the world and provide your opinions on the same, allow the kids to provide their opinions on the topics too. In this way not only the child would develop new insights on the topics, but will also be concerned in finding out what is going around the sphere.

In developing the affection for current affairs in kids, parents should keep few things in mind, namely

  • Build up background knowledge: If a person is not having a prior knowledge of the topic that will eventually develop the struggle in not keeping up with the current news. Parents should try to provide the kids with some insights about the topic that will develop the hunger for knowledge in the kids.
  • Engage deeply with news: Discuss the pros and cons about the happenings during the conversations and allow the kids to brainstorm the solutions about the ongoing issues. Make remarks on what is being said, so that the child gets into the character of the moment. Holding discussions would get the kids to be engaged in the news.
  • Newspapers: Don't imagine that the child would get involved at once in reading the broadsheet. The curiosity only awakens when you rouse it up. Keep calling your child's concentration to particular articles in the paper, and discuss the topics with them once they are finished reading.

  • The Web: These days, contact with information has never been easier, thanks to the Internet connectivity. But, with all the good qualities, the internet has its negative sides too, kids nowadays, have developed their interests in social media sites, the kids might encounter many strangers and eventually start talking to them.

Not all the strangers are dangerous or stalkers.

You should definitely tell your kids not to chat with unfamiliar person, and inform them about the hazards of doing so. Don't assume that just because you've told them not to speak with strangers, they are not doing so. Go one step ahead and tell them about how dangerous it is to give out contact information or any other personal details online. After all, you never know what kind of dangerous psychopath is on the other end of the chat line.

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