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Even if they are hairless or have thick hair, babies look cute either way. Babies lose hair after they are born and that is a concern for parents. But don’t worry because it is very normal for babies to lose hair after birth. This baby hair fall is called alopecia. This shouldn’t be a concern for parents in most cases but sometimes it may be due to some underlying medical conditions. So, before we discuss some baby hair growth tips let’s take a look at what can be considered baby hair fall.

What is normal baby hair fall?

  • If you find some baby hair strands in your hand after you stroke over your baby’s head
  • Finding hair strand on towel, or pillow covers.

What causes baby hair fall?

  • Cradle Cap

Have you observed crusty, scaly skin on your baby’s head? That is called cradle cap. This isn’t contagious or painful. In fact, with proper care it goes away within a few weeks. With our remedies for baby hair growth you won't face the problem of cradle cap.

  • Friction

Babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Naturally, they spend more time on pillow which can cause friction and hair knots to form. Friction causes soft and thin baby hair to break. This can result in bald spots. But you need not worry because this situation too goes away once your kid starts growing and spending less time on bed.

  • Alopecia Areata

This situation results in bald spots on your baby’s head. This is caused in babies due to low immunity. But it is a very rare case. This condition isn’t contagious or painful.  If you have a family history of this condition then maybe get your baby checked for it.

Baby Hair Growth Tips

  • Wash hair every alternate day and maintain hygiene

Our first remedy for baby hair growth is washing. Washing your baby’s hair is very important. Use mild baby shampoo to wash their hair while giving them a good massage and use a very soft towel to dry their hair. Use a gentle comb to remove any knits from your baby’s hair. This can prevent conditions like cradle cap.

  • Oil the hair

Oiling is as important as washing your baby’s hair. Massage facilitates blood circulation and the oil softens the hair. This woill boost up baby's hair growth. You can use pure coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil to give a gentle massage to your kid 1 hour before bath. Remember to wash it after some time. 

  • Aloe Vera

Parents swear by this natural remedy. Aloe Vera has a lot of benefits for skin but it is beneficial for hair growth too. Scoop out aloe vera gel and mash it to make a paste. Apply this directly to your baby’s head or mix it with shampoo while shampooing.

  • Right nutrition

All these measures were external measures and are effective. But nothing can be more effective than eating healthy as it directly affects your body. As soon as you baby starts eating solid food, start giving him/her food rich in vit D and Vit B. Food items like lentils, fruits, milk, yogurt, eggs and mushrooms will be very beneficial. Remember, this remedy is a must for baby hair growth.

Is Mundan a practical baby hair growth tip?

You might have heard this baby hair growth tip a lot. Many cultures believe that shaving your baby’s head results in getting thicker and shinier hair. But there are no scientific studies never backed this claim. The hair appears thicker because of the blunt hair edges which is a result of shaving. The truth is hair growth depends on hair follicles. Hair follicles are dependent on genes. So, the big answer is NO, shaving doesn’t cause thicker and more hair growth in babies. But, if you feel that this custom is an important part of your family and culture than sure, go ahead and throw a mundane ceremony for your kid.

These were some of the baby hair growth tips for you. If you liked them let us know in the comments section.

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