Fact of the Day : Fact 29


# Fact 29 - Today's fact is about the vultures in The Jungle Book. Here is a fact for you by Kidsvault.

Did you know??

Thes vultures based on the Beatles, who were simply finding their sweet spot in the last part of the 60s. As far as anyone knows the Beatles chief Brian Epstein approach Walt Disney Studios to have the band show up in the film and the Disney artists planned the characters dependent on them. 

The Fab Four British Quartet were even approached to voice the characters that they propelled. John Lennon was the person who obviously dismissed the thought. So tsk-tsk, Disney would not get one extraordinary Jazz voice in Prima and one incredible pop voice in the Beatles in one film. At the point when the Beatles dropped out, the vultures' melody was reworked as a barbershop group of four.

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