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Are you wondering if it is the right time to feed your baby because he/she has turned 5 months recently? Some people say 6 months is the right time to start feeding your kid solids but some say 5 months is the right. Well, we can’t say at what month you should start feeding solids to your kid. It all depends on the needs of your baby. You need to look for signs and signals that your baby is sending. And if you are still confused, then you should consult your paediatrician. But here are some general signs you should look for and a list of food for baby of 5 months.

Should I give solid food to baby of 5 months?

These are some signals you should look out for if you are wondering if you should start giving solid food to baby of 5 months.

  • Still hungry after breastfeeding

If your baby still cries due to hunger after breastfeeding then it is the time to start feeding him solid food. This simply means that breast milk is not enough for your kid anymore.

  • Your baby wants to eat what you are having

Ever caught your kid looking with curiosity at what you are eating? If yes, then you should consider feeding him solid foods. This is a clear signal that he/she wants to eat some tasty food now.

  • If your baby is able to sit without any support now then it is the right to start feeding him solid food.

What to include in list of food for baby at 5 months?

Here is a list of certain food items you can include in your list of food for baby at 5 months.

No matter if your kid has started consuming solid food items, there is no substitute for breast milk. Mother’s milk is an essential for kid’s growth and immune system and shouldn’t be stopped till 12 months at least.

  • Pulse and rice waterDal Soup for 5 month baby

You can prepare pulse soup and rice soup for 5-month-old baby diet. To make dal soup all what you need to do is put some extra water while repairing dal. This will make dal more diluted and will be a good alternate to regular dal. Do the same with rice water.

  • FruitsFruit puree for 5 month baby

You can include fruits in your 5-month-old baby’s food chart. Apple, bananas, pear are the best for your kids. But don’t give them directly to your kids. Mash them properly and then make it consumable for your kid.

Cerealac can also be a good substitute for your kid. Just make sure that your kids aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients of these cereal.

How much food should you give to baby of 5 months?

5-month-old babies aren’t able to eat much. They get most of the nutrients from mother’s milk. Solid foods are introduced so that they get a taste of it and develop a habit for solid food items. Initially your kid might not even eat half a tablespoon. Don’t expect him to finish everything in one go. Don’t shove it down your baby’s throat. Let them adjust to it. It takes time.

Though the above-mentioned points are correct to best of our knowledge but we still suggest you to consult your paediatrician before preparing a list of food for baby of 5 months.

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