Gadget Free Childhood: 5 Simple Ways to Stop Child’s Phone Addiction


In this era of technology, a gadget-free childhood is what most of the parents are looking for. Nowadays, gadgets are the first demand of any kids and they tend to spend most of their time on mobiles and TV, playing games or watching some of their favorite cartoons. While giving a small time to the gadget does not have any harm, engaging in these things for a longer period of time negatively affects the mental and physical health of the kids. And that is why you need to find some alternative to these things that will keep the kids engaged in such an interesting way that they will not ask for any gadget. But the problem is, most of the parents do not know how to stop the child’s phone addiction.

I can tell you hundreds of negative affect of letting the kids use the gadget and not playing any outdoor games and I am sure you know many of them too. But the thing here is how to keep them away from TV and mobiles, that’s where the activities mentioned in this post will help you.

Engage in these activities and it will not only help you in keeping your kids away from TV and mobiles but will also contribute to the growth of the mental and physical health of your kids. Moreover, it will also teach them several behaviors that are needed to achieve high in their life.

5 Ways To Stop Child’s Phone Addiction

1. Drawing and sketching

Drawing and sketching are one of the most used activities by parents all over the world. It is one of the best ways to give your child a gadget-free childhood. It is the most preferred activity when the parents want to engage their kids into something that is easy, affordable and interesting at the same time. Another benefit of investing your time in drawing and sketching is that it does not require much knowledge and skill to do this, in fact, even if you have not done it any time before, you can really enjoy drawing and sketching anything on your own.

So, just spend 1-2 hours on a regular basis with your kids and you will see how they enjoy the different colors. Children are fascinated by the new things and they really enjoy sketching wildlife animals. All you have to do is to buy a book and some colors and you are all set to spend some amazing time with your kids.

2. Gardening

Gardening requires some extra efforts than drawing but it is worth giving your time into it. You do not need a big garden to enjoy this activity, even a small place will do the thing. It may be that you do not have any place to do gardening, but you do not have to worry about that, you can just use the pot to plant and place that in the area where the sunlight comes on a daily basis.

Gardening is a great way to stop a child’s phone addiction. You also have the option to use a scrap of old bottles in your home, the plastic can of cold drinks that we consume regularly in the summer. Put some clay in it and enjoy gardening with your kids. Trust me, children love to do these things and they will really enjoy watering those plants with you.

3. Photography and bird watching

Another way to give your kid a gadget-free childhood is to let them enjoy photography and birdwatching. Even though this is not something that can be done on a daily basis, however, this is the best thing to do on the weekends and on any holiday. It’s best if you have a pond, garden, river, sea or any open space nearby your house. Even if there is nothing like this, you can always go to the park and enjoy the greenery of the place. However, going to the crowded park should be avoided until there is no other option available.

Nowadays, the children are interested in technology and they know how to use the gadget, sometimes even before you teach them anything about the same. So, you don’t need to buy a camera, just use your phone and enjoy a small picnic with your kids which will be interesting and educational at the same time, helping you stop a child’s phone addiction.

4. Singing, listening to music, and playing musical instruments

It’s completely okay if you do not know how to play any musical instrument or singing and dancing is not your thing. But the thing here is that you are not in any competition, the main purpose of these activities is to keep your kids engaged in something that is entertaining and somewhat useful, not a waste of time like TV and other gadgets.

In addition to giving your kid a gadget-free childhood, it will also allow you to understand that if your children have an interest or skill in singing, dancing or playing any musical instrument. You always have the option to hire a professional trainer for the skill that you want or rather your child wants to excel at, whether it is singing, dancing or playing guitar, piano or anything else.

5. Yoga poses or outdoor games

One way that can contribute a lot to stopping a child’s phone addiction is the Yoga Asanas. Outdoor games are the best thing to do as it is both entertaining and makes you and your kids healthy. However, it is quite possible that you do not have enough time for outdoor activities but you can surely invest some time doing Yoga along with your kids at home in the morning time. Yoga poses are now even taught in school and most of the children are well aware of the Yoga poses and so they find it interesting to do these.

It does not mean to do the specific Yoga poses, you can add some skipping, dancing, jumping and anything that you like and feel comfortable with, which will not only make you enjoy the time with your kids, it will also help you to maintain your health.


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