Gratitude Lesson: 10 Ways To Foster Gratitude In Kids


Gratitude is a powerful and important value to teach children. Providing gratitude lessons to kids from an early age is an important thing and we have tried to come up with some easy ways that will help you in doing so.

Luckily, there are many ways for parents to emphasize generosity and appreciation in their daily lives. Follow these easy ways and you will be able to teach your kids the art of gratitude without any extra efforts. 

10 ways to foster gratitude in your kids

1. Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journal is a great way to move your thinking toward the positive side of society. A gratitude journal tells you the reason why you should be grateful to the world. If the kid will write something in it on a regular basis, it will give them a reason to love the world from a very young age and slowly a sense of gratitude towards the people will foster in their minds.

2. Donating Outgrown Clothes

You can choose an occasion for this, I guess your kid’s birthday will be the best day to do this. Just collect all the clothes, which are either old, outgrown or not in use anymore and give them to the kids in need. You can find these kids in the NGOs around your house or it is even better to go around the streets and donate the clothes to them. Trust me, this is one of the best gratitude lessons for the kids.

3. Talking About Injustice

Talking about the injustice in society will make them aware of the things that are happening around them. So, whenever you see people with no shelter or clothes, acknowledge them and have a feeling of gratitude towards the things that you have. It will teach your kids to be thankful for the things that they have, without having a sense of entitlement. This will surely help in fostering gratitude in your kids.

4. Thank-You Cards

Although we are living in a world of technology and we have lost the charm of writing and sending the Thank-You Cards, it is the best way to show your gratitude to the person who has given you gifts. The important thing here is that not only when you receive a gift, whenever you feel something is offered to you, write a thank you card. The best you can do is to write cards to your kids and ask them to write cards to you too.

5. Dinnertime Rituals

This is one of the best things to do in order to provide gratitude lessons to kids. What you have to do is to ask your kids about one thing that they are grateful for, every day. Do the same and tell your kids the thing that you are grateful for, every day. It will help them notice the positive thing around them.

6. Giving Away Toys

There must be toys and some outgrown clothes that your kid is not going to use anymore. Give these toys and clothes to the other kids who cannot afford them. It is quite possible that in the beginning, your kid will only take this as a fun activity but gradually they will ask you why we are doing this and then you can come to the conclusion that the sense that you were planning to develop is coming and gratitude is fostering in them.

7. Gratitude Jars

Having a gratitude jar at home can be a very interesting thing to do. What you have to do is to write a note whenever any member of the house feels gratitude about someone and place that in the jar. One thing you can do is do not write your name on it. After some time when the jar becomes full or there is some holiday like Thanksgiving Day or something, read that aloud and everyone will guess who has written that.  A fun activity isn’t it.

8. Animal Shelter Fundraising

This is one of the fun activities that has many benefits, both mentally and physically for the kids. They can do this fundraising for some local animal shelter and if there is none, you can establish one of your own. Your kid can talk to his/her friend about what they are doing and how it is benefitting the other. It is one of the best gratitude lessons for kids.

9. Participating In Giving Circles

You can find some organization around you, google it if you don’t find one. You can add some more family members of yours in the circle and you can even ask your kids to talk to their friend and they can collectively join the organization. Not only it will be a fun thing to do, but the kids will also learn an important lesson for their life.

10. Getting Involved In Your Community

Whenever you get the opportunity like at school fundraisers or food drives, for instance, take some time to explain how fortunate you and your kids are and how it’s always important to help your fellow humans. Moreover, let them pick out the cans for food drives, pick out books for donating to the local library, etc, it’s the small things that add up and makes your kids a man you are willing them to be.





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