How Competitions for Kids are Beneficial


Childhood is a phase where one is free of all worries and has all the time in the world to learn and master anything they want. Kids catch things very fast and they are very imaginative. Childhood is the right phase to get them to participate in kids competition. The word ‘CONTEST’ and ‘COMPETITION’ are usually associated with a negative feeling, but if done the right way they can prove to be really beneficial for your kids. So read this blog to find out the many benefits of competition for kids and how can they help your kid grow into a healthy individual.

Are all competitions for kids bad?

No, kids competitions aren’t bad if done the right way. If your kid is not in a healthy competition, he/she will start showing signs of it. Competitions for kids are made bad, if you, as parents pressurise your kids to win it. Allow your kids to see the bigger picture. Tell them that it is okay even if they don’t win, but they should certainly learn something from participating in kids competitions.

Is my kid in a healthy kids competition?

These are some of the ways in which you can figure out if your kids are involved in healthy kids contest or not.

Signs of healthy competition for kids

  • Your kid wants to participate in it again
  • Your kid has learned a new skill or wants to learn a new skill.
  • Your kid has become more empathetic towards others.
  • Even if your kid failed, he failed gracefully.
Signs of bad kids competition

  • They become cranky and cry a lot when they are asked to perform
  • You can see jealousy for other kids in them.
  • They don’t want to participate in the competition.
  • They start using cheating methods to win.

Benefits of Kids competitions

  • Enhances skills

Your child might be good at something. But they know that when they are competing with other kids, they have to give their best. Kids competition pushes them to either enhance their skills or practice it so much that they master it. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight, but with constant participation this is bound to happen.

  • They get recognition

When your kids participate in kids contests they get noticed by the authorities. These people are influential and can help your kids rise in their field of interest. You kid will get exposure and will get a chance to experience something new.

  • They make kids corporative

As we said that competition for kids is healthy if it is done the right way. If your kid focuses on how he/she can improve skills to win contest then it is healthy but if they are wondering how they can destroy other kid’s performance or use cheating methods then you should be alerted by such behaviour. This behaviour signifies that your kid is on the wrong path and you should talk to him/her.

How Kidsvault can help?

To encourage a sense of healthy competition we organise competition for kids. Our contests ‘TODDLES’ and ‘ARTOLOGY’ are photography and drawing contests for your kids. TODDLES allow your kid’s confidence to shine through. They have to pose for the photograph according to the theme. It allows parents to spend some time with kid and bond with them. On the other hand, ARTOLOGY judges your kid’s art skills. Each month a new theme is released on which kids have to make an art. The first 3 winners get a prize and to encourage kids we give them a participation certificate too if they get 100+ votes. We have a voting system also so that your kid’s art reaches a large number of people and they can see how talented your kids are.

This was our take on competition for kids. Let us know in the comments box what you feel about kids’ competitions.

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