How To Develop A Child’s General Knowledge


General knowledge might not seize much power in a child’s life at the budding stages, but, a strong knowledge base would definitely play a vital role as the child grows up.  We will often find the kids interested in topics which are unrelated to their school work; many kids will sit and fill up countries and their capitals for no reason at all, other than the reality that they want to boost their general awareness. Trivia captivates kids, and they can expend all day just trying to integrate more and more facts into their brains if they are encouraged and given access to general knowledge books and games.

All parents strive their best to instill good habits in their children, which may aid them in growing up as elegant individuals. They wish their kids to excel in each endeavor. So, one of the things which is decisive in this process is to develop an interest in general knowledge. General knowledge will help them communicate and understand the diverse facets of the world and its functioning better. The stronger the general awareness is, the easier it gets to relate to other subjects; it also has a link to enhanced difficulty deciphering and open-mindedness.

Here are few tips and games by which you can help your child in building their general knowledge.

ATLAS - The place name game

We all have one point in our life played this game. If you haven't this is the best time to start with your kid. The game generally starts with the letter A. Take the name of any country, place, city or town that starts with the letter A. For example, Argentina. Now, let your child say the name of the other place beginning with the last letter your place’s name, in this instance it will remain as A. So the child may say something like Ahmadabad, and then the third person takes the name of a place beginning with D.

This game is fun and can be played with number of people around. This game would also enable your child to gain knowledge of names of new places and boost their knowledge base. 

Play interactive educational games

When play and education is mixed, the interest of kids automatically grows and they willingly engage themselves in the process. While learning may seem as a load, playing games like ATLAS and Hop on the world makes them subconsciously get done with the daily dose of their GK class.

Intelligent use of the idiot box

Televisions could prove to be a great intermediate to impart general knowledge to your kids in a pleasurable manner. Keep a watch on what the child watches. A habit of watching channels like Discovery, National Geographic etc. as well enlightening transmits on Doordarshan can deeply assist in expanding your child’s G.K. Even few cartoons like Dora the Explorer shows various informative things, through which the child could develop general knowledge.

Reading Newspapers

Depending on the age of the child, parents should provide their kids with a relatively lighter section of the newspaper to read on a daily basis. Perhaps, give them a paragraph or an article to read and tell them to encircle the words which they find difficult to understand. Explain them the encircled words or provide them with a dictionary, so that they could learn new words and meanings of the same on their own. Make sure to provide the kids with relatively lighter news, which they can easily relate to. For example, one can provide the kids with sports or entertainment section of the newspaper. You can even subscribe to newspapers designed especially for kids like The Young Chronicle which helps you select the plan based on your child's reading level.

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