How to Help Kids With Their Homework


As parents, we often overlook the fine line between helping the kids with their homework and doing the homework for them. Many parents take the responsibility on their shoulders to complete their kid’s homework to ensure that they end up being in the high grades. Many instances have occurred where an art contest for kids was organized and the parents did the drawings instead. This is clearly not the approach to take, as this will only teach the child to become more dependent on the parent rather than to back up on their own capabilities to complete the task.

Below, numbers of tips are enlisted to ensure that you end up helping your child instead of doing the homework for them.

  • Time management: Help the kids in planning their time and fit the slot of homework in their busy schedule too. Children, often receive their homework during vacations and to ensure that the kids are not facing the nightmares of solving the homework at the zero hours, they need to plan their routine. Allow them to designate the time, which they will devote towards the study and to other activities as well. If felt necessary, let them write it down. With little push from the parent’s side, the kids would be able to stick to the schedule, especially when they themselves were involved in the process of time designation. Time management is a skill that would prove vital in the later stages of life. 
  • Responsibility: Kids need to be responsible for their actions, for inculcating such values in life; a parent should also not constantly push their child to complete their assignments but should remind them, that if they need any assistance then, they are always there for the aid. If they still don’t do the work, let them face the penalties a few times, eventually, the kids would be more cautious regarding their work in the future. 
  • Interest: Show interest in the homework they receive, children get motivated in different ways and this could prove one of them. Some children are completely vibrant and parents need to tell them to stop studying and take a Chill pill, while others shy away from studies and no amount of parental force can get them to pick up their books. But as a parent, if you are showing concern towards their homework then kids would tend to acquire your advice more sincerely. Don’t just keep yelling at them to complete their homework, allow them to enroll in other fun activities to divert their mind like kids photography contest and art contests. 

  • Presence: Children admire the presence of someone when they are doing their work. If you are in another room with the others while the child has to go unaccompanied and sit in his room and finish his homework, it might be a problem for him to finish his work. If you can, then make sure to read something and sit around the child to make them feel accompanied.
  • Make homework more rewarding: Make homework rewarding by setting up a number of luxuries like staying up 10 minutes later, spending 10 minutes added on the computer, or having a friend around. It will help to keep the child motivated if they need that modest encouragement from time to time.
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