How To Make Your Child A Good Speaker


Being able to speak in public without glitching is hands down a trait we all want to have but not everyone is able to do that and this results in a big drawback in a person’s overall development. Children grow up with this fear and are never able to excel in their respective fields because this aspect of their growth is never really taken seriously to discuss about. Parents often are clueless on the fact that their child has a fear of public speaking and is turning into a socially awkward fellow to be. The art of public speaking requires only a little hard work but give a huge advantage in the long run.

Discussed here are some ways parents can develop the confidence in children to be able to speak in public and help them be their best selves in the future.

  • Encourage not taunt

 No one came out of the womb all perfect, life is a learning process and you as a parent need to be very patient and positive towards your children to be able to learn anything, be it how to walk, run, play or here in case speak. First encourage them to speak to you or in front of the mirror. Be there to observe on their mistake and correct them after they are done with the speech, interrupting them in the middle will do no good. And the correcting process needs to be friendly and not forceful. Kids are very good at remembering things they have seen so try to enact the speck you would tell in a way and they will catch it from there.

  • Not only learning but practicing.

Learning each word by heart is necessary but it is not the key to success. Practice is. Practicing what the mind is reading is the only way your child will remember all the things to say during their time at the centre stage with the required emotions and expression. Allow them to divide the piece in sections and ask them to memorise each of it bit by bit and practice it as they would want to deliver it in front of the audience.

  • Body language is very important

 Not just words but actions are a powerful tool for a person to be able to deliver a great speech. Nervousness is common and necessary too but to not show it to the audience is what makes a great performer. Encourage your children to try ways that calm their nervousness and tech them how it is okay to make mistakes and the only good thing to do after a mistake has been made is to smile and move on with what they were saying. Getting stuck at a mistake is of no good and even though it might be a small one it can ruin the whole act. Sometimes people get to know about these tiny mistakes only when the performers lets it show on their face and body language.  Being cheerful and having a smile goes a long way when speaking in public.

These ways are surely going to help your child develop confidence to speak in public and never be afraid or confused to express or show their talent in public.


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