How to motivate child to do homework: 7 Effective Ways


The question that how to motivate a child to do homework does not have a specific answer but we have come with the best solution that will help you get it done. It has been seen that if there is one thing that most parents do not understand how to do then it is to encourage their kids to do the homework. Even though children's homework is an important task for the kids, most of the children hate to do their homework. While this may seem to irritate the parents and they tend to make their kids do their homework by forcing and scolding them, the parent needs to understand that kids do not like to sit at a place and do something they have already done in the school. Instead, it is recommended to find another way to encourage your kids to do their homework without being too harsh on them.

We understand that it is easier said than done, but if the below-mentioned steps are taken in a proper way, you can definitely encourage your kids to do their homework. The main point to consider here is that do not let the kids feel that doing homework is a task assigned to them and they have to do this, whether they like it or not, it makes doing children homework a punishment. What as a parent you have to do is to create an environment in the house where the kids feel that doing homework is the same as other task and it is beneficial for them as well.

However, telling kids the importance of homework directly is not a solution and you will have to find other ways that are indirect yet effective. So, without wasting any time, here is the answer to how to motivate the child to do homework.

7 effective ways on how to motivate a child to do homework

1. Make a Routine For Children Homework

Setting a routine for the study is the best thing for the kids as it will make them clear about when they have to sit for the study. Making a routine is also helpful in conveying the message to the kids that you value their education and this is the time of the day that they are needed to devote to their study. In return, they will also value their study time and do their homework on time.

2. Keep the Routine simple 

Have a children's homework timing. The routine should be predictable and kids should be aware that this is the time of their study. Do not complicate the routine with stuffing so many things in it. Just tell the kids about the timing and that there will be one call before that time so that they can get ready for their study by wrapping up whatever they are doing.

3. Call it "Study" not "Homework"

Most of the time, kids have a negative thought regarding the word Homework and they tend to avoid anything that has assigned to them as homework. But if you tell them to study rather than just completing their homework, they will be more acceptable with that. And the study includes everything related to their schools and book, even the children's homework so they won’t deny directly.

4. Help Your Child Organise

It is not easy to make your kids do their works in an organized manner. However, you can teach your kids to organize their work and time. So, once you have set the timing, monitor that they are doing their work in a proper manner. Helping them organize is one of the answers to how to motivate a child to do homework and it should be taken seriously.

5. Give Assistance to the kids

Assist your child but do not do their work as it will do harm than good for them. There might be times when your kids will not be feeling well due to various reasons. A bad day at school can make them irritating and they will not behave well. Instead of getting hard at them for not doing something properly, try to talk to them and provide them what they really need. This will not only make your kids feel comfortable it will also make the bond between you and your kids more strong.

6. Make children's homework rewarding

There is a difference between rewarding and bribing, and the parents need to take care of that. The issue here is that the line between the two is very thin and most of the time, parents do not recognize this.  Rewards improve behavior while bribery can make it worse. Offer something to the child when they do something good not the other way around like they are only acceptable to do something if you are offering something to them.

7. Children Homework is a family task

When kids are studying, it is the responsibility of the parents to do their part, like switching off the TV and maintaining silence in the house. The kids should feel that their study time is not only important for them but also to other family members and they will respect their study more. Keep asking the kids what they are studying from time to time to show that you are interested in what they are learning and listen to them while they speak about the same.


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