How To Triumph Over The Horror Of Math


When we hear the word “Math”, a sense of irrational fear develops in our mind, in clinical terms, the scientists have named this term as Math Phobia, both adults and kids might develop this fear which eventually affects their performance in Math. All these happenings result in the buildup of a pessimistic attitude towards Math and ultimately create the desire to avoid it completely.

Formal education is curtailed without Math; it is an essential element of education system in schools. Besides, the familiarity with Math is crucial in our standard lives, be it due to the line of work that we will select in the future, or the sheer requirement of numbers and calculation in our day to day lives.

Avoiding the subject Math is not a possible solution for eradication of the fear. Many parents think that, if their child is afraid of Math, then it is better to let him avoid the subject, which is a very unfeasible termination of the problem, because, at home they can avoid the subject but ultimately the kids will be exposed to the subject in their schools. At that time the parents would regret their decision, because, by the time the fear of math would proliferate into the minds of the young ones and coping up would not be effortless at all.

Here are some ways through which you can help your children to tackle their fear of Math:

Acknowledgment of fear: Studies have shown that scripting down the problems before exams or tests, fundamentally helps in the performance during exams, the reason behind this is that we already know the area of difficulty and would act accordingly to reduce the fear. So, when you find out that your kid is afraid of math, ask him to jot down the area of his concern. This will eventually result in the reduction of fear of Math.

Construct it in a simple manner:

Parents should make an attempt to make their kids familiar with numbers; the basic purpose behind this is to make it simple and a part of their everyday life. Take up small exercises that deal with numbers and calculations, so that the child would not be unfamiliar with numbers and basic concepts of calculations, once this is in place, the fear would eventually sink. For illustration, ask the kids to cut the cake into equal halves, so that the fractions are effortlessly understood. For younger kids, count the objects while handing them, “here are 10 peas in the plate, if I take out 5 peas, how many will be left”? These are few uncomplicated but helpful ways to calm the fright of numbers.

Learning from the mistakes: Assist your kids in understanding their mistakes. Be tolerant as you clarify their doubts. You may have to go over for numerous times, but remember, these multiple times will help the kids  in understanding the basics in a much superior manner and will keep them in a fine stead for future Math classes. 

Practice, Practice and Practice:  Lastly, practice is the best way to deal with the fear of Math and also improve in the subject. There are countless examples that show that practicing Math help the kids to get better and at the same time also develop an actual significance in the subject.

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