Indian Classic Stories - From Parents to Kids


Pre-teen children who have just discovered the fun of reading, are needed to be gently pushed towards developing their tastes, parents can easily do this by suggesting books and making it available to them from the local libraries. But for that, the parents themselves need to be familiar with their kid’s literature. If the original classics are too obtuse for the child to grab, then avail them with the condensed and modified versions. Dig out concealed treasures and open the world of books for them.

Here’s the list of some recommended 'Indian' classics for the parents, to pass on to their children.

R.K. Narayan: R.K. Narayan's works have been found amongst the best in world of literature. He is the one who created the appealing character, Swami and the imaginary small town of Malgudi through his first book, Swami and his friends. These tales bring to life the sights and sounds from Southern part of India. For today’s city-bred kids, these stories would provide a brilliant revelation to the small town ways. The kids would take pleasure in reading about the games - climbing trees and stealing mangoes from farms - of the country children.

Narayan's books talk affectionately about old value systems - about grandmothers being the superior to the families and banyan trees to a marketplace. In fact, a collection of his short stories and novellas would prove to be a good bedtime reading. Other titles of concern would be: ‘Malgudi Days’, ‘The Guide’, ‘The vendor of sweets’ and ‘The talkative man’.

Jim Corbett: Jim Corbett was the one who penned down his experiences and adventures in the jungle, way before the Discovery and Nat geo channels did. His jungle experience of hunting for man-eating tigers and leopards has confined the imagination of many.

He brings an eager insight into wildlife, especially the big cats. After an audacious survival, where he shot 10 man-eating tigers, in 1917 he settled in Kumaon village and became a conservationist. He wrote about his experiences with the wildlife in his works, 'The man-eaters of Kumaon', 'The Temple Tiger' and ‘Jungle lore'. These are some of his finest wildlife writings one will ever come across.

Rudyard Kipling: Rudyard Kipling was a British writer, but, his literary works were highly encouraged and woven around India. He was an inexhaustible writer and had left some of his greatest legacies of writings - novels, stories, poems and ballads. But for most of us, he will be related with the children's classic, "Jungle Book" written in 1894. The current generation associates the "Jungle Book" more with Walt Disney than Kipling, but they should read the classic to experience its magic. Walt Disney has definitely helped popularize the jungle adventures of the skinny boy, Mowgli and his animal friends - Bagheera, the panther and Baloo, the bear. But, it was Kipling, who brought the characters to life.

Other titles of Kipling which might interest the readers are ‘Riki-Tiki-Tavi’, ‘Just so stories’ and ‘Captains Courageous’.



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