Is Milk Powder for Babies a Healthy Choice?


Many parents start giving milk powder for babies or infant formula to their kids after first few month. Some wait for a few months and then starts giving it to their kids. But have you ever wondered if it is good for your toddler? Well, some researchers say that formula or powdered milk may seem a healthy choice for your kid but they can actually cause food issues and lead to a poorer diet.

What is milk powder for babies and how is it made?

Milk powder for babies is powdered food designed to feed babies under 12 months. According to brands it is equivalent to mother’s milk and is healthy for toddler. s usually made from cows' milk that has been treated to make it more suitable for babies. It contains cow’s milk whey, casein, a blend of vegetable oils, lactose and a vitamin mix according to Wikipedia. Now you must be wondering that these ingredients seem safe then why is it not a healthy choice. Read our next section to find out.

Risks of feeding milk powder for babies to baby

  • Diarrhoea and digestion issues

Milk powder for babies contains casein which takes longer to digest. So, your baby may feel full but it can irritate the stomach and can cause diarrhoea. This can cause vomiting, stomach ache in kids too.

  • Cause allergies

You might not know but your kid might be allergic to certain ingredients used in milk powder for babies. This can cause rashes, digestion issues, vomiting and crankiness in babies. You surely don’t want to cause such discomfort to your baby.

  • Environmental Poisoning

Even if we say that milk powder for babies is prepared with uttermost care, we can’t be sure of it because of the deteriorating air and water quality. Mother’s milk will be a safer choice as compared to this. Feeding milk powder for babies might cause conditions like asthma and chronic illness in kids in later years of life.

What is the alternative for milk powder for babies?

You must be wondering why is there a need of milk powder for babies when we have mother’s milk? The answer is quite simple. There are many mothers who are not able to produce milk, or don’t want to feed baby due to personal or social choices. And we accept that. It should be totally up to mothers how they want to feed their baby. But still we believe that a mother’s milk is the best for kid. After 12 months you can start giving cow’s milk instead of milk powder for babies to baby. You can also start giving solid food to baby.

This was our opinion on milk powder for babies. We aren't saying that milk powder for babies is a harmful choice but we are just suggesting that don't switch to it if you have mother's milk which is a healthier choice. Milk Powder for babies is prepared with utmost care but don't use it unless there is a dire need of it. Do let us know in comments section what you think about this.

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