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This is the era of technological advancement. Gone are those days when kids used to wait for evening or play time so that they could go out and play with their friends. Mobile phones, Tv and video games are your kid’s new best friends now. They are indeed helpful friends if used for a limited amount of time but overuse of mobile phones is harmful.

Sadly, most kids today are glued to these gadgets and devices throughout the day. These devices impart knowledge and can be a good source of entertainment if used in a limited manner, but if their usage goes unchecked their long-term effects can be harmful. Read this blog if you are wondering how to distract child from mobile.

Why is there an overuse of mobile phones by my kid?

Well, the reason is YOU. Yes, as shocking as it might sound, the reason for your kid’s mobile addiction and overuse of mobile phone is you. This is because from the moment your child was born you handed him/her a mobile phone, either to entertain him or to keep him busy. From such an early age your kid got to use these gadgets, even before h/she has started talking. Of course, your kid is going to consider this as a necessity. If there were no attempts made to distract child from mobile it may result in overuse of mobile phone and eventually mobile phone addiction. The bright colours and animations attract the kids a lot. And now they can’t live without these because it has been a part of their life since birth.

How harmful is overuse of mobile phones?

  • Obesity

It is seen that kids who spend a lot of time on phones and video games fall prey to obesity. This happens because of their limited movement and not playing any outdoor games. This can adversely affect their physical health.

Overuse of mobile phones affect proper brain development. It hampers the mental simulation that kids require in order to evolve as an intelligent human being.

How to distract child from mobile?

  • Be a role model

Kids learn what they see. If you yourself are spending a lot of time on phone your kids will learn the same habits. To do good for your kid and yourself, stay away from that phone. Limit your screen time. Instead spend this time with your kid making him/her learn important things.

  • Don’t give them access to gadgets from a very early age

Honestly, kids don’t even need gadgets. Do you think a 13-month baby will be able to operate a phone? No! This is why there is no need to give any gadgets to kids below 18 months. A moderate exposure to kids above 18 months will be beneficial though.

  • Create a schedule

Create a timetable for your kid. It is a healthy habit generally as well. This will allow you to limit your kid’s screen time as well. Limited exposure will ensure that they are spending rest of the time in other productive activities as well.

  • Use audios instead of videos

Videos can harm your kid’s eyes. Listening to audio rhymes and stories is much better as your kid will be able to do other activities as well while listening to audios. This will allow him/her to learn multitasking too.

These were some of the ways in which you can limit your kid’s screen time. Let us know in comments box if you liked them.

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