Lock Down Story With my 4 Year Old Son


Parenting omg it's a huge word in itself some feel is difficult and some feel it's full of ups and downs but overall it's fun coz the days gone by will not come back and we can only cherish those memories and laugh by when you think about those days of parenting.

I am a mom to naughty, curious, at times over smart, talkative, active and die-hard fan of dinosaur and Peppa pig its none other than my 4-year-old son. 

To cut down long story short he had just started his school me n my hubby did all the prep and after two days of his schooling lockdown was announced. 

My reaction was oh Ghosh how to entertain him full day alas my hubby also helps but he has his office staff. 

As days passed we all 3 were entertaining each other. Firstly to keep him indoors was a huge task but we both made him understand abt COVID. Now he tells anyone who is going out plz don't go corona is der outside. 

We all have breakfast together, then we watch Peppa pig n finally we do some learning stuff with him. His teacher shares link n my little one watches and n slowly ends up going on youtube. He gets so excited since he has reached Youtube videos by himself.

He full-on starts to watch dino videos. He talks to youtube via google assistant. Today's kid omg. While I quickly finish ma house chores. 

During this lockdown, he has become a mini chef. He rolls small chapati and puts them in the cup, gives his dad saying it's icecream. 

After lunch, we do colouring and some drawing and then he takes a nap. Evening we have tea and play football indoors and then play with his dinosaur. He has learnt to draw a few animals. When I check YouTube video for different recipes he says mama when are u making this dish. Ghosh!!

We watch Netflix series together and then dinner. After that, we have gala time jumping and playing on the bed and then storytelling.

Our whole life is surrounding him. Running after him giving him attention and doing endless thing's. It's tiring but fun at the same time. Happy Parenting!!! #Stay home #Stay safe



Sonia Santosh

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