Monkey and the Crocodile


Long time ago, there lived a witty monkey on a tree, which was loaded with red and juicy apples. The monkey was having a great time going on in his life.

One fine day, a crocodile swam to the tree and told the monkey that, he was tired of travelling long distances and was in a lookout for food as he was very hungry. The monkey, out of kindness offered him few apples. The crocodile enjoyed them very much and asked the monkey that, whether he could join him again for some more fruits. The generous monkey happily agreed to the crocodile.

Soon, the crocodile regularly started to visit the monkey, they enjoyed fruits together and talked a lot, and soon after these lovely interactions between them, they became best friends. The crocodile told the monkey that he had a spouse and they lived on the other side of the river. Hearing this, the kind monkey offered him some extra apples to take home to his wife. The crocodile's wife loved the apples and made her husband promise to her to get her some apples every day.

Meanwhile, the friendship between the monkey and the crocodile strengthened, as they spent more and more time together. The crocodile's wife started getting envious. She wanted to put an end to this closeness. So she pretended that she could not believe that her husband could be friends with a monkey. Her husband tried to convince her that he and the monkey shared a true bond. The crocodile's wife had a thought to herself that if the monkey lived on a diet of rose monkeys, his flesh would be very sweet. So she asked the crocodile to invite the monkey to their house.  

The crocodile was not happy about this. He tried his best to save his friend, he also made excuses that, it would be difficult to get the monkey across the river. But his wife was resolute to eat monkey's flesh. So she came up with a plan.

One day, she pretended to be very ill and told the crocodile that the doctor has said that she would only recover if she ate a monkey's heart. If her husband wanted to save her life, he must bring her his friend's heart.

The crocodile was stunned. He was in a very tight spot. On one hand, he loved his friend. On the other, he could not possibly let his wife die. The crocodile's wife threatened him saying that if he did not get her the monkey's heart, she would definitely lose her life.

So the crocodile went to the apple tree and requested the monkey to come home to meet his wife. He told the monkey that he could ride across the river on the crocodile's back. The monkey agreed blissfully. As they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile began to go deep inside the river. The monkey got terrified by this and asked him why he was doing as such.

The crocodile explained that he would have to kill the monkey to save his wife's life. Like any other creature, the monkey also had the fear of losing his life, but, instead of panicking, the clever monkey told the crocodile that he would happily give up his heart to save the life of the crocodile's wife, but he had left his heart behind on the apple tree. He asked the crocodile to rush and turn back so that the monkey could go and get his heart from the apple tree.

The silly crocodile rapidly swam back to the apple tree. The monkey dashed up the tree to reach safety. He told the crocodile to tell his evil wife that she had married the biggest fool in the world. 



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