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Being a single parent isn’t easy. Single parenting in India especially is still considered a taboo topic. But we want to remind you that you are amazing people and are doing your parenting job with perfection. Sure, the load is double but so is the love you receive from your kids. So, if are a single parent and still figuring out ways to do your job gracefully then this parenting advice column is for you.

  • Step out of guilt

Okay! We will tell you this in a very simple manner. Step out of the GUILT TRAP. Don’t pity yourself that you are a single parent or that you are responsible for what your family is going through. Past is gone and you need to look ta the future now. So, stop pitying yourself and start focusing on your and your child’s future.

  • Try tuitions

Your priority should be your kid’s academics. If you are a working parent, then it can be hard for you to manage your job and your kid’s academics without any help. Don’t worry, you can try tuitions for that. Hire a good tutor for your kid that can help him/her in his studies while you work and earn for your kid.

  • Spend time with your kids

Now that your kid has his academic issues being taken care of, you can spend time with him/her and enjoy. Bond with your kid over small things. Play a sport with them, pick a hobby with them or you can even participate with them in contests that our site hosts. These little moments will strengthen you bond.

  • Take out time for yourself

Amidst all this don’t forget to take out some time for yourself. We know that you have double responsibilities and that is why we recommend getting some ‘ME TIME’. Spending time with yourself will help you relax and see a better picture of everything. Just go out alone, read a novel or do whatever it takes to attain that mental peace.

  • Connect with similar people

Join social groups or groups for single parent. It feels better to have people around you who can understand you. Talk to these people and share your issues with each other. Share your experience and gain some support while giving some support. You might even find new friends there who might become your helping hand in times of need.

  • Love, patience and attention

These are the three things that kids of single parents crave. So, don’t forget to shower them with love, patience and attention.  When you are a single parent your kids miss the love of both a father and a mother. And you need to understand that you have to give your kids the love of both parents. Be both, a mother and be a father for your kid.

Concluding we would like to say that the journey of a single parent is tough, but it is a beautiful journey. So, don’t lose hope and be happy in your little world.

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