The Gigantic Lion And The Wicked Rabbit


Long time ago, there lived a gigantic Lion in a jungle. The Lion was the king of the jungle and in order to satisfy his hunger he used to kill many animals of the jungle. Eventually, all the animals were worried, that one day none of them would be left alive to enjoy the beauty of jungle. They collectively took a decision and went to talk to the Lion about this problem.

When the lion saw all the animals approaching towards him, he was extremely happy as he had the thought that, he would not have to take the trouble to hunt. He could just kill all the animals together once and for all.

Amongst all the animals, one stopped the Lion and pleaded him to listen to what they had to say first. He went on to explain that as the lion was king of the jungle, and all the other animals were his subjects, the lion would no longer be a king at all, if he killed all his subjects. He would have no one left to rule over. The animals suggested that if the lion stayed home, one animal would voluntarily turn itself each day as food for the lion. The lion agreed to the offer on the condition that if the animals ever failed to send him an animal, he would go all guns blazing to the animals and finish all of them off.

From then onwards, each day an animal went to the Lion for being his meal and the Lion was pleased to see all this happening, without any extra effort going on from his side the Lion was getting his hunger fulfilled.

One day it was the turn of a little rabbit to sacrifice his life to provide food for the lion. This little rabbit did not want to be the lion's meal. He came up with a plan that would save his life as well as the lives of all the other animals remaining in the jungle.  

The rabbit slowly made his way to the lion's den. The lion was strolling up and down, extremely hungry. He became outrageous when all he saw was a little rabbit. He wanted to kill all the animals in the wrath. The rabbit hesitantly clarified that the animals had essentially sent him six rabbits, but five of them were killed and gulped down by another lion. 

The lion roared in fury. He wanted to know who this other lion was, who devoid him from his appetite. The rabbit stammered that it was a very big lion. He had warned the other lion not to eat him as his king would be very angry and definitely come to fight him. The rabbit continued to say that the other lion had called His Majesty a fake king and had challenged him to prove, who actually the king of the jungle was. The lion was infuriated. He asked the rabbit to take him to the other lion as he wanted to teach him a lesson. 

The little rabbit showed the way to the lion and took him to a well and told him that the other lion was in there. The lion leaned onto the well and saw his own reflection. He thought it was the other lion. He let out a colossal growl which boomed back at him. He instantly leapt into the well to attack what he thought was the other lion. The lion banged his head against the rocks and drowned to his death. 

The ecstatic little rabbit strolled towards other animals to spread the good news.


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