This Too Shall Pass.....


Oh ghosh!! This covid 19 phase when is it going to end is a big question infront of parents and kids.

My cutie pie is 4 year old and always ask me "when will corona go away mama?" He longs to go out n play in open air.Inspite of we as parents try our level best with indoor activities they still long to go out.

Nevertheless this case is in every home, a time was there where we used to kep them away from gadgets but irony of life they are getting addicted to the same.That again has positive and negative side. 

Most importantly we has parents should make them understand about the situation around and be positive and have a healthy thinking which will reflect on them too. 

It's true we engage them in different indoor games but they do miss their friends, school and open air. 

Patience is all we need to have during this time. At times it's difficult to handle kids 24/7 indoors but This Too Shall Pass is the mantra we should focus on.

So stay safe#stay fit#stay happy#



Sonia Santosh

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