Tips For Photographing Kids


Photographs allow you to capture the beautiful moments of your life. From your kid's first words to his/her graduation, photographs are a way to collect and relive these beautiful moments of your life. And of course, you want these moments to be beautiful and perfect. But let’s admit this that we aren’t professionals and we can't do a professional photoshoot of our kids. Keeping this in mind we have some tips for you which can make your photographs look amazing.  So go ahead and click pictures using these tricks and submit them at Kidsvault competitions to win exciting prizes.

  • Let Your Kid be Candid

Don’t ever force your kid to pose. The best moments are captured when you let your kids be themselves. Don’t always look for perfection in your pictures, let your kid be candid and perfection will follow.

  • Smile a Lot

A smile beautifies your picture like nothing else can. Smile a lot, let your kids smile and laugh, giggle and when you have those photos clicked, you know those moments were happy and you had a lot of fun clicking those pictures.

  • Act Silly

We can't emphasize more on the fact that don’t force your kids to be someone else. Let them act silly if they want to. Some of the most fun pictures are taken when both parents and kids act silly. So let your goofy side show up.

  • Use Natural Light

This is a secret trick that professionals don’t tell you. Click your pictures in natural light. The natural light gives your skin a subtle glow and gives an aura of warmth and love to your pictures. So go ahead and get yourself clicked in the natural light.

  • Use Filter

Filters are a great way to enhance your pictures. Use different filters on your picture or you can just simply adjust the brightness and contrast of your pictures. Some filters might look good on one picture and some might not. So play around with filters and look for the one that suits your picture best. No matter what, a black and white filter picture can never be a failure. It is an evergreen filter that can be used by all.

  • Speak their Language

Get down to your kid’s level and speak his/her language. Engage them in a conversation. Ask them about their day at school or maybe about their friends. This will allow you to capture the natural expressions of your kids.

  • Use a Prop

You can click a picture of your kids with a prop. I can be their favorite toy or their favorite chair. Learn to incorporate these small details in the pictures and you will see a great improvement in your snaps.

  • Let them be the Photographer

Allow them to click the photograph. Kids will love it because they are getting to click their picture on their own. This can also turn out to be a really cool selfie. So experiment with this trick too.

These are some of the tricks with some photographs from our 'Me and My Supermom' competition. All the entries that we received are lovely. We have some new contests coming up and you can participate in them to win exciting prizes.

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