Top Bedtime Stories for Your Kids


Who doesn’t love a good story?

Everyone does, right. Kids are no different, in fact they enjoy listening to bedtime stories. We know that you are tired if repeating the same stories over and over again, and thus we bring to you a collection of top story for kids. We have curated these stories keeping in mind that they are entertaining, educational, and give moral lessons at the same time. This list of top story for kids has some classic fables from different cultures and we are sure that your kids will love these.

But before jumping on to these stories, let us look at the many benefits of reading bedtime stories to your kids.

Benefits of reading top story to your kids

  • Increases Vocabulary

Your kids can grasp new words at an early stage. If you want your kid to have a rich vocabulary then read bedtime stories to them. Don’t hesitate to use new words and explain their meaning too.

  • Enhances Imaginative capabilities

Listening to fairy tales and stories can enhance your kid’s imagination. When you read stories to your kid, they imagine the scenario in their minds. This leads to improvement in their visual and thinking abilities.

  • Can teach your kids lessons

Stories usually have morals. If you let your kid know what is morally right from a young age, they will have their concepts of morality cleared at a very early age. This leads to them becoming a better human being.

Top Stories for your kids

  • Midas’ Touch

This top story for kids is about a king who was given a blessing that everything he will touch will turn to gold. But greed and need for power crept into his mind. What happens next will make him regret his decision for life. Read this top story for kids here.

  • The fox and the grapes

We always become sour when we don’t get the things we want. But the reality is nothing comes easy and without hard work. The fox and the grapes is one such story where a hungry fox tries to eat fulfil his hunger by eating grapes. But will it ever be able to satisfy his hunger? Read to find out.

  • Monkey and the crocodile

What happens when you break someone’s trust? This story is all about trust and friendship. A monkey was friends with a crocodile. But the crocodile had some other plans for the monkey? What happens when the crocodile’s wife decides to eat the monkey? Read to find out.

  • The boy who cried wolf

This top story for kids gives a life lesson on the harms of lying. Lying is a very bad habit and kids pick up this habit very fast. So, read out this story to them to let them know the ills of lying. Read the story here.

  • Strength lies in unity

This story about a flock of doves gives life lessons that kids should know. This interesting story is about a flock of doves and how when they are united are able to overcome all the obstacles in their life. Read this top story for kids here.

This was our collection of the top story for kids. If you have any such story then write in the comment box.

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