Tricks and Hacks for Parents in Lock Down


It is always difficult for parents to keep their kids engaged at home. At this point of time (Lockdown) it has really become a big challenge. Kids have a lot of energy and parents should know to channel it in the right direction. This way even a parent-child relationship will be improved and also you will have a good stress buster.

Corona pandemic has shaken the whole world but more than adults, our kids are going through a bad phase. As they are locked inside their home with no freedom to meet or play with their friends. This can really frustrate them mentally. It is we, a parent who has to support them in this difficult time.

Here are some tips to keep your mind relaxed as well as to keep your kids entertained.


1) Keep them busy with fun activities

We can make their stay more fun with many activities like drawing, dancing, crafts etc. This is the time you can find out what your kid is really good at. Sometimes we try to impose on them what we want them to do and go unnoticed about their inborn talent.


2) Play indoor games

Nowadays we are so busy with our day to day life that we rarely find time to spend with our kids. The best way is to be a kid when you are with them. You can play with their toys. But do remember that you should not always lose a game to them as they should know that life has ups and downs and they will have to deal with it.


3) Set a Timetable

It is always good to follow a timetable even if there is no school. This helps kids to be more organized and conscious of time. Fix their food time, bedtime, screen time etc. You can even ask them to help you with your daily household chores. They will be happy to do it as they love to imitate adults.


4) Reduce screen time

Nowadays kids are more interested in smartphones than playing with their toys or their siblings. Use your creativity and figure out some games that they can play with their siblings or with their toys. Make sure they realise that it is more interesting to play with real people than playing alone with a smartphone.


5) Cooking without fire

Let your kids try their hands-on cooking. There are many simple recipes that kids can do without parents intervention. Give them a chance to showcase it in the same manner as they see it on Television cookery shows. You can make a video of it for a feel-good experience.


6) Exercise

Yoga/ any other physical exercise is always good for kids. You can do along with them for motivation and also for your own good. Make sure they take enough water before starting any exercise which will keep them hydrated. Few breathing exercises they can practice on a regular basis for keeping their lungs healthy and it also improves concentration.

Aparna Pd

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