Why Does My Child Destroy Things?


Do you often find yourself in overwhelming situations where your kid is hell bent on destroying things? We know it can be frustrating and emotional. Nobody deserves to go through this. If it had been an adult counselling would have been a solution but with kids you need to deal with caution. These young minds are sensitive and one wrong step can leave an indelible impression on their minds. So, you need to handle the destructive habit of you kid in check.

Why Does my child destroys things?

Child destroys things to vent out their frustration. They destroy things because they think it will help them release their anger. It is a terrible way to deal with anger issues and can prove to be bad in the long run. But what provokes the kids to go to this extreme measure?

  • Low tolerance for frustration

Kids want things to go their way and if they don’t get that they get angry. As they have low tolerance for anger, they resort to wrong methods like hitting people, breaking things and shouting.

  • Intimidation

Intimidation releases you fight and flight hormones. Same is with kids. He feels that breaking things will make his parents feel helpless and they would give into what the kid wants. Well, this is true to some extent. Parents do give into their kid’s wishes just to save themselves from this uncomfortable situation.

How to deal with the issue of my kid’s destructing behaviour?

No matter how helpless you might feel during this situation but if you handle in a calm manner you won’t have to deal with it frequently or at all in future. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can control this situation.

  • Set rules

Make sure that your kid knows that destroying things isn’t an acceptable behaviour. It is off limits and can have serious consequences. Say these things affirmatively. You kid should be clear about the bad consequences of breaking things.

  • Talk about alternatives

Getting angry is normal and venting it out is also normal. But to release your anger your kid needs to know the right ways. Going for a run, doing an aggressive physical activity like playing sports, or resorting to some creative activities like dancing and painting that can distract your kid from the issue or let their anger out in a positive manner. These things help your kid release his/her anger in a positive manner.

  • Hold them accountable

Make your kids pay for their actions. If they break things then cut their TV time from schedule. If they hit you then they shouldn’t be allowed to have fast food for a week.  Even though these changes are small and irrelevant but these are big changes for your kids. So, the next time they break things or hit someone they know that they will have to pay for it.

These are some ways in which you can deal when your child destroys things. Small but effective methods like these can bring slow but definite changes. Let us know your way of dealing with your destroying things in comment box.

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