Why reading Aloud To Kids Is Important


Only 17% of parents of kids aged 6–11 read aloud to their children. Yet 83% of kids aged between 6–17 say being read to is something they either loved or liked a lot.

So, read stories or poem to your kid and they will love it. Always pick a book that is age-appropriate. For younger children and babies, pick up books with stories that rhyme. They will enjoy these books more, and it will be easier for them to grasp words.

It is a good idea to be slightly more structured about your reading sessions. Try and read to your child every day, preferably at the same time. A good idea is to read a chapter from a novel to your child at bedtime. This would also help you structure his bedtime and establish more of a routine.

For many kids, being read to by their parents is a cherished ritual. But it’s also much more than that. Reading aloud to kids helps expand their literacy skills, love of reading, worldview, and more. Here are some key reasons it’s important to read aloud to your kids:

Helps expand the vocabulary:

Kids’ auditory comprehension is higher than their reading comprehension. When you pick a challenging book that your kids can’t read on their own, you are exposing them to a wealth of new vocabulary words. This stretches a child’s language development, particularly if you stop to talk about the meaning of these harder words.


Reading aloud to your child helps improves your child's grasp of a language and increases his concentration span. Don't worry if your baby doesn't pay much attention when you are reading aloud to him. Babies have very short attention spans. As your baby grows older, you will notice him being more and more attentive. All you have to do is stick to your plan and keep reading to him.

Models fluent reading:

When you read to kids, you’re modelling how to read language. You pause at commas and periods. Your voice inflection changes when you read questions or exclamations. And you can show what you, a fluent reader, do when you come to a word you don’t know. (Even if you’re faking that you don’t know it.)


Although you may not realize it, your baby is learning when you read, and he is growing to love you even more. Your voice makes him feel secure and builds his confidence, and the bond that you share, grows even stronger. Your child will enjoy and treasure these moments, possibly for the rest of his life.

Hence, with such amazing benefits of reading aloud to your child, it becomes one of the major task every parent must start doing.

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