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Would you like to know your baby's personality? Do you want to know what kind of person he/she would turn out to be? Well there isn’t any way you can be sure of it. Your baby's personality depends on his/her upbringing. But for ages, people from different cultures have believed that a baby's personality is affected a lot by his/her birthday month. If this holds true or not, we really can’t say, but it will be interesting to know what you might be according to birthday month.

Baby’s Personality according to Birthday month

  • January baby- The Perfect Kid

January babies are a parent’s dream. They are independent and born leaders. They are responsible too at the same time. They are the perfect sibling and will babysit for other kids. They finish their work on time and always keep their room organized.

Perfect Kid

  • February Babies – The Thinkers

These babies are innovators. They are highly creative and spend most of their time in their own dreamy world thinking of some creative and new ideas. No wonder most of the innovators were born in February.

Thinker Kid

  • March Babies- The Charmer

These babies are natural charmers. They have attracting personalities and are quite imaginative. They are very much into art and music.

Charming kid

  • April Babies- The Fireball

These babies are sporty and athletic. They are in for adventures and love taking risks. They grow up to be leaders and will probably take up defence as their career option. They are extremely social as well.

The fireball

  • May Babies- The Affectionate Kid

These kids understand human emotions very well. They will grow up to have a taste for finer things in life. They love their family and will keep their family above everything. They are very affectionate and get hurt easily.

Affectionate Kid

  • June- The Know It All

These babies are filled with knowledge. These are the child prodigy you find on reality shows. They love learning and would have read a book even before they turn 6. They have a like for novels, music and art.

Know it all

  • July- The Sweethearts

These babies are really sweet and get hurt easily. They need emotional care and support. But they have a fun side too. It can never get boring with a July baby. They are always up to something.


  • August- The Leaders

These babies are a born leader. They know how to get attention and they it for good purpose. These babies will grow up to be either a celebrity or a famous personality. They are also very attentive about their looks. They like to dress up a lot and look their best.

the leader

  • September – The Control Freaks

If you ever want to learn the definition of organise learn it from a September baby. They are so organized with their life too. They are the most sorted ones. They are an old head on young shoulders. Sometimes they can look a bit aloof but the reality is that they are way mature than their physical age. Hence, they find it a bit difficult to mingle with other kids.

control freak

  • October Babies- The Peace Makers

These babies a very balanced view in life. This helps them a lot in later years of life when they have to balance work and family. They love exploring every aspect of a situation before coming to a conclusion, and this quality is very much required in humans. They hate any disputes and are the ones to make peace.

Peace Maker

  • November Babies- The Passionate Ones

These babies put their heart into everything they do. They will be the best in whatever field they choose. They are fiercely independent and love to live life on their own terms.

passionate kid

  • December Babies- The Workaholics

When you think of December babies you can think of corporate employees. These babies love working and are very hardworking. This trait starts reflecting in their class reports too from a very early age.

Workaholic kid

So, this is all what we think about your baby personality according to birth month. This was just for fun and is not backed up by science. We believe that every child is unique and upbringing affects a baby personality a lot.


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