Your Guide To Bathing A Baby


Bathing is a very basic step in maintaining personal hygiene. But bathing a baby can be a nerve wrecking experience. Babies are very tiny and let’s face it, we don’t want any mishaps to happen while bathing a baby. You need to be cautious and gentle at the same time. This comes with practice. A new mother always has this question in her mind. To answer your questions on this topic and to help you out, we have this blog today.

How often should I be bathing a baby?

Babies don’t need to bath more than 2-3 times a week. If you are too particular about it, then sponge washing is a solution. Bathing a baby too much can do more harm than good and can dry out your baby’s skin. You need to focus on face and nappy area. These areas need to be cleaned thoroughly.

What is the right time to bathe a baby?

The only right time is when you have plenty of it. You and the baby both need to be relaxed and alone for an amazing bathing experience. Make sure that you aren’t bathing a baby when he/she is hungry or just fed. Your baby should enjoy this experience.

Resources I need to bathe a baby

  • Washing station

You need to have a place with flat surface where you can keep your baby safe and wash him/her easily. A plastic tub, bed, or shallow washbasin would be great. Just make sure that isn’t slippery or has any sharp edges.

  • Soft washcloth and towel

You need soft washcloth to clean your baby and towel to dry him/her.

  • Warm water

Fill your plastic tub with minimal water. Use this warm water to bathe your baby. Use your hands to see if the temperature (around 100 F) is right to bathe baby.

It should include a mild shampoo, soap, diaper, powder and lotion.

Steps to bathe a baby

Start from top and make your way down. Gently wipe your baby’s eyelids with soaked cotton. Clean baby’s face using soft washcloth. Clean small are on by one. Then start cleaning the body. Make sure you clean inside the folds otherwise your baby might get rash there. Then make your way down to genital area. Clean this area properly. Then move back to head area and clean that. Hold your baby with care because wet babies tend to be very slippery. Always keep your hand below baby’s head. A baby’s head is very sensitive and you should never remove your hand from that area.

What after bathing a baby?          

After bathing a baby quickly but gently wrap your baby in a towel and apply some unscented lotion on your baby’s dry areas. You can use some talc too. A massage will make baby feel relaxed. Dress your baby and comb his/her hair. And your baby is fresh and happy now.

Comment down below if you have some other tips for bathing a baby.

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