Competitions can be really challenging yet fun for the kids at the same time. Contests are one of the best ways for kids to learn new things. All the competitions in Kids Vault are FREE to register.

There are many fun competitions like TODDLES - Baby photo contest , ARTOLOGYOnline art competitions for kids and SCRIBBLES - Online writing contest for Kids. Participate in as many contests as you want according to the age group of your child.

A competition is meaningless without the prizes. Kids Vault offers some great prizes for their Top 3 winners and consolation prizes for the Top 10. A participation certificate for all the participants to keep them motivated.

Many attractive prizes are on your way! So, what are you waiting for?


Group Age 5 to 12

International Flower festival is celebrated in the month of July all over the world. Let your child know about this festival and let him/her celebrate it with us!

Group Age 3 to 8

Summer Holidays are over and the kids are excited to get back to the school, capture this wonderful moment and share with us in our new contest.

Group Age 8 to 12

Kids' minds are very creative. And when these creative minds express their 'One Wish', it can be interesting to see how imaginative they can get.