• 1. Go to “My Profile” once you have successfully registered yourself on the website.

    2. Click on “View my profile”.

    3. Click on “My Children”

    4. Fill in the required details of the child

    5. After adding the details click on “add”.

    6. Please fill in the details of the child very carefully, because once entered, the details cannot be edited.

  • 1. Enter the website

    2. Click on “Sign-up”, situated on the right side of the screen

    3. You will have three options to register yourself on the website

    •             Facebook – Provide details of Facebook
    •             Google – Provide details of Google
    •             Email ID – You can also register with an active email ID


    4. While registering through email, a link would be e-mailed by Kidsvault.

    5. The email sent by Kidsvault would also have a default password required to log in.

    6. After successfully registering themselves once, the users could change the password as well from “My Profile”.

  • Kids Vault is a website for kids and their parents. Here, parents can boost their child’s creativity and competitiveness by helping them participate in different amazing contests.

    The website also offers you some informative blogs where you can learn a lot about parenting.

  • No, all the contests on the website are FREE to participate in.

  • Yes, for every contest, there are prizes for the children who secure top 10 positions. As well as participation certificates for everyone*

  • You can download the certificate any time after the completion of a competition from MY CONTESTS option under your profile.

  • Kids Vault is a safe and secure site for parents and kids to use. We take utmost care to ensure the privacy and safety of everything uploaded to our site by the users. Please refer to our privacy policy section for more information.

  • Kids vault reserves the right to remove any of the entry, which may contain the following:

    1. Pictures without clothes.
    2. Pictures with vulgar descriptions.
    3. Pictures sharing private details.
    4. Pictures with multiple children in a photo.

    Or any other inappropriate entry which is not approved by us.

  • The winners are decided purely on the basis of the “total number of votes”. For more information, refer to each competition’s details.

  • You can unregister yourself from the website by sending us an email at or you can also use the “Contact Us” form.

  • You can easily remove any of your entries from the website easily by writing to us at or you can also use the “Contact Us” form.