Under The Ocean

Under The Ocean - Online Art Contest - June 2020

Do you know that oceans are called the lungs of the earth? But, unfortunately, our oceans are dying. To spread awareness about this issue we celebrate World Ocean’s Day on 8 June every year. This year we want your little ones to make their contribution to this issue. Ask them to paint the ocean of their dreams. They can paint the ocean with fishes, corals, ships and educate through their art how industries, humans, oil spills and fish-killing is harming the oceans. Hurry Up! Participate Now!!


Age: 4 to 12 Year

Contest duration:  9 June 2020 - 30 June 2020

Winners will be selected on the basis of the “total number of votes”. The entry with the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner. “Total votes” will be a sum of Kids Vault site votes, Facebook likes and shares. You can vote for your entry after every 30 minutes!

Total Votes are calculated as per the following rules

Total Votes = Kids Vault Votes + (Facebook Likes Facebook Shares)/4


Kids Vault offers something to each of its participants.

Here is a highlight:

  • Top 3 winners through votes will get an online gift voucher.
  • Our judging panel will select up to 2 deserving entries which couldn’t get enough votes. They will be given Online gift vouchers separately.
  • A participation certificate will be given to all the participants with more than 100 votes.


  1. Multiple entries for the same child will not be considered. In case we find such entries, only the latest entry will be considered and all previous entries will be deleted.
  2. Maximum 1000 shares/likes will be counted for ”Facebook shares" in each entry. However, participant entry can be shared to get more and more votes, there is no limit on votes.
  3. Kids Vault Reserves the right to remove any entry not meeting the requirements of the competition theme. Kids Vault also reserves the right to disqualify your entry in case fake votes are noticed on your entry.